Silkscreen Printing

Silkscreen Printing is a 5,000 year old art which began in China. It began as a means of reproducing documents for mass distribution and later was used for reproducing art. Today, silkscreen printing is used in many areas from the more commonly known decorating sports apparel to printing circuit boards for computers and other electronic devices. There have been many other forms of printing techniques that have derived themselves from silkscreen printing, perhaps in the hope to replace it. However, these other techniques always seemed to have branched off on their own while silkscreen printing continued its own course through history with very little change in its own techniques.

Hi all, my name is Duncan Benedict and I’ve been involved in silkscreen printing for over 50 years.
Most people know me for the famous sportswear brands I’ve designed and even some that I own. Others know me best for my wildlife fine art.
And of course many know me for my many years in the music industry.
Never the less, I am here to disguss silkscreen printing and its many techniques.
I suppose if we look back in American history, many would rebemberAndy Warhol. He’s an American artist who took the fine art scene by storm with his many silkscreen printed designs, such as the all too famous Marilyn Monroe protrait.

But Andy wasn’t the only one on the scene. There were many others, perhaps not so famous. But in the eyes of the art world. These individuals were very well known. And perhaps even more well liked.

I’ll talk about these other individuals later on.

For now let us dig deeper into what makes silkscreen printing so unique.

To begin, we should talk about what it is and how it works in aplications.
Once we have a better understanding of this, we can go on to see its full potential.

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